Yes, You Read The Forecast Correctly

5:45 PM CDT | July 29, 2017

As we wrap up July, let’s take a look at how our temperatures have compared to normal. The hottest weather has been seen in the Texas Panhandle and Central Texas. These areas have been generally two to five degrees above normal. Meanwhile, much of Northern and Eastern Texas have been around normal. A similar situation is seen across parts of West Texas as well.

Not a coincidence, these areas have also seen the most rainfall. While the extra rainfall has kept temperatures cooler than other parts of the state, the added humidity has helped push heat indices higher. That is why it has felt hotter this month for places like Dallas than what it actually has been.

Right now, we are seeing a pattern change. This is the good type of pattern change that will help usher cooler weather into the state. The ridge is being pushed farther west, which will allow Texas to be influenced by a deepening trough over the Eastern United States in early August. This means that much of Texas will likely see cooler and wetter weather than normal to start August. This is very welcome news to a state that usually experiences brutally hot and dry weather this time of year.

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