Atlantic Awakening With Hurricane Gert, 91L, & 92L

9:05 PM CDT | August 16, 2017

The Atlantic is beginning to see an uptick in tropical activity. Texas Storm Watch has been warning for days that late August could be very busy for the Western Atlantic. The weather models are just now picking up on this potential. Hurricane Gert is no threat to the United States, but several tropical waves to the south are worth watching. First, we have Invest 91L in the Central Atlantic. This wave has a 50% chance for development over the next 48 hours and a 60% chance over the next 5 days. 91L is expected to track generally westward into the Caribbean over the next few days. Next, we have 92L which is following closely behind 91L. This wave has a 40% chance for development over the next 48 hours with a 50% chance over the next 5 days. This wave is likely to take a more northerly track than its predecessor. More moisture is shifting westward from Africa, so we will have several features to watch over the next 10-14 days.

It is too early to say what impacts, if any, these tropical waves will have on the United States if they develop. The takeaway from this post should be that conditions are gradually becoming more favorable for tropical development in the Western Atlantic, and an active period is starting. Be sure to also follow Texas Storm Watch on Facebook and Google Play.