Harvey & How It Could Impact North Texas

10:15 AM CDT | August 27, 2017

Tropical Storm Harvey is spinning in South Central Texas this morning. The influence of a trough to our northeast will push Harvey toward the south-southeast over the next 36-48 hours. The question is will it make it off the coast, or will it remain onshore. If it remains onshore, continued weakening would be expected. If it manages to push back into the Northwest Gulf, then it could regain some strength before moving inland again. How does this impact North Texas?

The forecast for North Texas will depend largely on Harvey this next week. Rain chances will decrease and shift southward on Monday and Tuesday as the system pushes farther south in response to a disturbance to our north. After the trough passes, Harvey *should* return northward Tuesday night or Wednesday. This would mean increasing rain chances for parts of North Texas mid to late next week. This is the scenario that most forecasts for North Texas are leaning toward at this time. Of course, nothing is set in stone. Right now, we see how far south Harvey tracks and if it has an opportunity to regain strength just offshore. Hopefully, it remains onshore.

Meanwhile, more rounds of Heavy Rain and Strong Winds are expected across Central, Coastal, and Southeast Texas. Over 20" of rain has fallen across parts of Southeast Texas over the last 48 hours. A Tornado Threat remains for areas to the north and east of the circulation. This includes the Houston area which has already seen multiple Tornadoes since Friday. Keep an eye on the forecast over the next few days as changes are expected. You can get the latest from Texas Storm Watch on the blog, Facebook, and Google Play!