Hurricane Harvey Causes Devastation Along Texas Coast

2:05 PM CDT | August 26, 2017

Hurricane Harvey made landfall last night, bringing winds well over 100 mph to the Middle Texas Coast. Rockport is one city that took the brunt of Harvey. There were reports that apartment buildings had collapsed in that area. Farther to the north and east, there have been numerous Tornado Warnings since late Friday. Apparent Tornado Damage has been reported in Missouri City where over 50 homes have been damaged. Possible Tornado Damage was reported in Katy as well. Areas to the north and east of the circulation will continue to see a threat for isolated Tornadoes over the next few days.

While Hurricane Harvey has weakened to a Tropical Storm, the threat is by no means over. Conditions will worsen in many areas as several rounds of Heavy Rain and Strong Winds shift across the area. Harvey will be slow-moving and even stationary at times. This will lead to additional flooding. The likelihood of Harvey making it back in the water has decreased a bit, but a few weather models do show this potential. Hopefully, Harvey will continue to gradually weaken over land and will not have an opportunity to regain strength off the coast.

Keep a close eye on your local forecast and listen for later statements from the National Weather Service and National Hurricane Center. You can get updates from Texas Storm Watch on the blog and Facebook page.