Hurricane Harvey Closing In On Texas

7:50 AM CDT | August 25, 2017

Hurricane Harvey is spinning closer to the Texas Coast. Its winds are up to 110 MPH, which is just below a Major Hurricane. Based on recent satellite and radar, it would appear that this system is still organizing. Weak steering winds are the reason the models are struggling with the storm’s track, especially by Sunday and Monday. A couple possibilities are that Harvey moves very little after landfall or that Harvey even loops back into the Gulf of Mexico. The latter would be worse as the system could regain strength after its first landfall.

This is the latest forecast by the National Hurricane Center. The large cone of uncertainty is due to the reasons mentioned. That said, try not to focus too closely on the exact track as its impacts will extend well beyond its circulation. Any preparations should be rushed to completion this morning because conditions will deteriorate today along the coast. Updates will continue to be posted here and on the Facebook page, so be sure to check back!