Invest 90L Looking Better In Caribbean Today

2:40 PM CDT | August 5, 2017

The tropical wave known as 90L is looking better today on satellite. Convection has fired near and to the north and east of an apparent circulation. A RECON flight is planned tomorrow afternoon, if necessary, to investigate it. The National Hurricane Center mentioned earlier that satellite wind data suggested a small area of winds just below tropical storm strength. If 90L continues to organize, we could have a system within the next day or so. Check out this satellite loop courtesy of NASA’s new GOES-16 satellite.

It is too early to say whether or not Texas could see direct impacts from this system. Steering winds will split somewhat in the Gulf of Mexico. If it tracks into the Bay of Campeche (southern Gulf of Mexico), a track into Mexico would be most likely as it would be too far south to be lifted around the western edge of the ridge. If it were to wobble northward and gain some latitude, then the threat for Texas would increase. Another tropical wave tracked as 99L is moving through the Central Atlantic. This wave has a moderate chance for development over the next several days.