Solar Eclipse Greater North Central Texas Times For August 21, 2017

1:55 PM CDT | August 20, 2017

A rare event will happen tomorrow. That event is a total solar eclipse that will shift from northwest to southeast across the country. The eclipse will begin before midday, but the best viewing time for North Texans will be shortly after 1:00 PM. NASA has an awesome interactive map where you can view the obscuration and maximum eclipse times for your area. You can visit that page here. I have compiled a list for many cities across the region, using their page. Be sure to share your pictures on our Facebook page for others to see tomorrow!

*Please note that the times on this list are averaged (for example, obscuration is rounded to the nearest tenth of a percent and times shown are to the second, not to the tenth of a second). For very specific percentages and times, visit the NASA website.