Hurricane Irma Almost To Southwest Florida Coast

12:00 PM CDT | September 10, 2017

As of midday Sunday, Hurricane Irma has almost reached the Southwest Florida coastline. Winds are at 130 mph which is actually a bit less than what was anticipated by this time. Irma continued on a westward track late yesterday, which meant more interaction with Cuba. This kept Irma from organizing and restrengthening as quickly. Hurricane Irma is still a very dangerous Category 4 Hurricane nonetheless. Florida is being battered by destructive wind, heavy rainfall, storm surge, and tornadoes. Latest reports from the media are that over 3 million are without power across Florida right now. The SPC has even issued an Enhanced Risk of Tornadoes for far Eastern Florida today and tonight with a Slight Risk for most of the state. Tornadoes are the most overlooked threat from tropical systems by the media. The Tornado Risk from Irma will continue to the north and east of the circulation until it falls apart the middle of next week. Please keep the people in the Southeast United States in your thoughts and prayers.

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