Latest On Gulf Low 95L & Hurricane Irma

3:15 PM CDT | September 4, 2017

The Atlantic continues to be active in early September. In the Gulf of Mexico, the National Hurricane Center is monitoring an area of low pressure. It looks like they have designated it 95L, which means that model runs should begin this evening if that is indeed the case. Fortunately, the cold front that will arrive tomorrow will push into the Gulf of Mexico Wednesday-Thursday. This will likely prevent it from gaining much latitude. It will be monitored, nonetheless.

Hurricane Irma continues to spin in the Central Atlantic. The system has taken a west-southwesterly turn, and recent model tracks have shifted westward. The National Hurricane Center made their adjustment this morning to account for the trends. There is still plenty of time for Irma's track to change, so I would urge folks along the East Coast, Southeast Coast, and even Gulf Coast to keep a close eye on this system. Any wobbles or deviations from its expected track could affect its track later in the period.

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