Weather Discussion #0272

6:35 AM CDT | September 13, 2017

Next several days are going to be miserable for much of Texas with widespread 90°F's and even some 100°F's, particularly Thursday and Friday. Fortunately, the pattern change is still on schedule. The Plains should see increasing opportunities for rainfall and at least some relief from the heat. Also, the gulf could become more conducive for tropical development.

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi is seeing this as well. Yesterday evening, he said the following on his page: “UKMET and JMA still threaten with Jose, But if not Jose, then in week 2, sw Atl, We Carib or gulf place to watch because of pattern”. After mentioning that some models still threaten the Eastern US with Jose, he said the gulf will be one place to watch next week because of the pattern.

This is what is so awesome about the recurring cycle theory. It gives you a heads up on what to watch weeks in advance! The next pattern will set up from early October to mid/late November. What will it bring to Texas? What does it mean for our winter? Next spring? The answers to these questions will gradually become clearer this fall as we see how our pattern unfolds and the length of the cycle. Once the cycle length is determined, we will have an idea of when we will likely see weather-makers weeks in advance. Stay tuned to Texas Storm Watch for the latest!

-As seen on the Facebook page Wednesday morning.