Caribbean & Gulf Of Mexico Awakening

10:30 PM CDT | October 3, 2017

The Atlantic basin is showing signs of life again as we get into the month of October. The main area of concern for the US Gulf Coast is 90L in the Southwest Caribbean. Steering winds should carry this system northward into the Gulf of Mexico, where conditions will be favorable for tropical development. Tropical development is possible in the Caribbean over the next couple of days, but it is more likely in the gulf. It is too early to say where this system, if it develops, will end up. The pattern over the next 5-7 days would suggest a track toward the Northern or Northeast Gulf Coast. Here are what some weather models are showing right now. Keep in mind they are ONLY models.

Invest 90L and its possible US impacts will be monitored over the next several days. Check back for an update on our changing weather pattern! You can get the latest on the blog and Facebook page. Also, do not forget to check out our new app on Google Play!