Early Season Freezes Across North Texas

5:30 PM CDT | October 28, 2017

A significant cold front brought early season freezes across the northern portion of the state. Many saw light sleet during the midday and early afternoon hours on Friday. This graphic from the National Weather Service shows the low temperatures observed early this morning. We are already seeing some big differences in our weather pattern compared to last year. For more on our developing weather pattern, scroll down and also check out the previous update on the homepage. As always, you can get the latest here and on our Facebook page!

A couple days ago on the Facebook page, I mentioned that I believe Texans have a reason to be excited this winter, as it is looking like we will have more opportunities for cold and wintry weather than the last two seasons. A reader asked how does La Nina, which usually means warmer and drier weather, factor into this. This is a good question, so I wanted to share my response for those who may have similar questions.

"La Nina is only one factor that will impact our weather. While the conditions in the Pacific (El Nino, La Nina, ENSO-Neutral) do impact our regional weather, there have been years where we have experienced the opposite. Many forecasts based on either El Nino or La Nina conditions have busted over the last several years. The recurring cycle theory has had a better handle on what we have experienced.

We are about three weeks into the new weather pattern, and it will continue to develop through mid or late November before it starts to cycle again. There have already been a few parts of the pattern that should prove favorable for cold and potentially wintry weather for the Southern Plains later this season. I am not saying that we can expect below normal temperatures this entire winter. However, what I am seeing with the pattern thus far is what we had not seen the past two seasons. This part of our pattern is about to bring unseasonably cold weather to the state tomorrow and this weekend. This same part of our weather pattern will return when the pattern is finished developing and begins cycling again. We still have at least a few more weeks to see what happens, but just from what I have seen thus far, I believe Texans will likely see more wintry weather than we have each of the last two seasons."