Much Cooler Air Pushes Into Texas

11:15 AM CDT | October 15, 2017

After several unseasonably warm days, a strong cold front has brought cooler temperatures back into the state. This front ignited Severe Storms yesterday and last night from Southwest Oklahoma through Northern Illinois. A 75 MPH Wind Gust was reported in Bridge Creek, OK - not too far from Oklahoma City. Showers and storms with very strong winds plowed through Northern Texas late last night and early this morning. No Severe Weather was reported in the state, though.

It will be a very "autumn-ish" day outside. High temperatures are expected to be in the 60*F's and 70*F's for much of the state. Temperatures will moderate a few degrees tomorrow, but the hot weather will not be back until Wednesday when 80*F's will be widespread again. This is all part of our developing weather pattern. For more on why we will be closely watching the pattern over the next several weeks, see earlier posts on the homepage. You can get the latest on the blog and Facebook page. Also, do not forget to check out our new app on Google Play!