Weather Discussion #0292

1:00 PM CDT | October 26, 2017

Today will be the last warm day for a while. MUCH colder air is on its way and will arrive tonight/tomorrow. Flurries are possible in the Texas Panhandle tonight. Widespread Frosts and Freezes are anticipated Friday night and Saturday night. This will be weeks earlier than normal for some areas. While the urban areas of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro are unlikely to reach freezing, courtesy of the urban heat island, outlying areas will drop into the mid and low-30*F's.

An overrunning type event is likely early next week that could set the stage for some snow across the High Plains. The National Weather Service has a chance for rain/snow in the Texas Panhandle on Halloween. As mentioned earlier this month, I think Texans have a reason to be excited this winter, as it is looking like we will have more opportunities for cold and wintry weather than the past two winters.

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