Weather Pattern About To Cycle Again?

3:30 PM CDT | November 23, 2017

As seen on the Facebook page at midday:

"More of the model guidance is catching onto next week's system. Our weather pattern is wrapping up, and once we begin to see the features repeat, we will know the approximate cycle length. A few days ago, I said that the features some of the models were showing around November 28th resembled those seen at the start of our weather pattern, in early October. This continues to be the trend. Take a look at the upper-level features on October 7th. Compare those to what the GFS (American) and CMC (Canadian) models are showing on November 28th. Very similar.

This system will be our next opportunity for some much-needed rainfall. Right now, the model guidance limits rain chances to eastern parts of the state, but this could change depending on the strength/timing of the system. We have plenty of days to analyze the trends. In the meantime, have a great Thanksgiving! -Wes

*First graphic is courtesy of the California Regional Weather Server, and the second and third graphics are courtesy of the Penn State Meteorology Dept."

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