More Active Weather For Texas In Mid-December?

4:30 PM CDT | December 8, 2017

The system that brought a winter storm to Texas is departing and now creating hazardous conditions in the South. We will have some quiet days ahead, but are there more changes on the way? If you read Saturday's post, you know I mentioned that our next changes would occur in the second week of December. These changes would include more energy coming out of the Western US and into the Plains. It looks like this may occur a few days later than previously thought. The models seem to be catching onto this, and they show another trough approaching the region December 17th-ish. Obviously, it is much too early to begin going into specifics, but let's take a look at what some of the model guidance is showing.

This first graphic is of this morning's American weather model. As you watch the loop from the 16th to the 19th, it would mean a wetter and more active period of weather for our part of the country.

Last, we have this morning's Canadian weather model. The Canadian is about a day faster than the American. It shows a similar setup to what we saw in the first cycle, but it closes off the energy to our west. What all of this shows is that the models are catching onto more changes. They suspect we will see something out of the Western US, but they are trying to figure it out. We have many days to see what begins to take shape, but the takeaway right now is that our attention should turn toward the west again. This was first indicated by the recurring cycle theory, and it is now showing with the recent model guidance. As always, you can get the latest on the blog and Facebook page!

*Model graphics courtesy of the Penn State University Meteorology Dept.