Weather Discussion #0304

2:15 PM CDT | December 10, 2017

As seen on Facebook:

"While the models still show some energy moving into the Central US about a week from now, many have trended weaker with the energy. We will have to see what begins to take shape as we get closer. One factor that may impact the track and strength of the energy will be the Arctic Oscillation. It has been largely in negative territory since mid-November. When the AO is positive, the jet stream usually retreats northward. When it is negative, blocking in the Arctic region usually forces it southward. The negative AO was a factor in the recent Winter Storm since it aided in the jet stream dropping farther south. It looks like the AO may soon go into positive territory, as depicted by the latest model guidance. Thereafter, the guidance shows a dip toward Christmas. We will have to see how this affects our weather pattern through the Christmas holiday."