East Coast Winter Storm Gaining Strength Tonight

12:00 AM CDT | January 4, 2018

The East Coast Winter Storm is gaining strength tonight as the system goes negative tilt. It has a very "tropical-like" appearance on satellite. The pressure gradient is tightening, and winds are increasing. Blizzard conditions are expected for parts of the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Coast, including places like Atlantic City. Wind gusts of 45-55 mph are expected in the Blizzard Warning area which will lead to dangerous whiteout conditions. This is the same system that dropped snow and ice across parts of Florida and Georgia Tuesday night and Wednesday. Travel will be hazardous for those in the warning and advisory areas. If you have any friends or family in these areas, make sure they are prepared.

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*Note, Blizzard Warnings are Red; Winter Storm Warnings are Pink; and Winter Weather Advisories are Purple near and along the East Coast.