Weather Discussion #0336

4:00 PM CST | January 16, 2018

As seen on the Facebook page:

"Our next weather system will arrive on Sunday, January 21st. This is right on schedule. Back on January 8th, we discussed on the blog that "based on the recurring cycle theory, we should see a stronger system around January 21st or so." It will be a pretty dynamic system too. As southerly flow returns ahead of it, temperatures will jump into the 60*F's and 70*F's state-wide on Saturday. Moisture return should be sufficient for the development of showers and thunderstorms along and east of the I-35/35W corridor. In the previous cycles, this part of our weather pattern brought Severe Weather to the Central US. It looks like we could see a few Strong Storms this time as well with the favored area being Eastern Texas into the Lower-Mississippi Valley. We have a few days to watch the trends. I will also be watching the weather pattern around the January 25-27th time-frame for some more unsettled weather. One thing is for sure, it will feel more like early spring on Saturday than mid-winter. I know most will welcome some warmer weather."