Warming Temps, Then Big Changes Late This Week

4:00 PM CST | February 11, 2018

Warmest days this week for Texans will be Wednesday and Thursday. Places like Wichita Falls, Graham, and Abilene could see low-80*F's Thursday afternoon. Next big weather change appears to be Thursday night-Friday as another strong cold front is advertised to push into the Southern Plains. The part of our cycling weather pattern that we will see late this week/weekend is what brought cold conditions to the region around New Year's (and some Wintry Weather across NW TX) in the 2nd cycle and the Texas Panhandle's first snow of the season late November 7th & 8th in the first cycle. Texans saw some FRIGID weather, especially from December 31st through January 2nd.

If you are not familiar with the recurring cycle theory, you can find out more about it on the blog (http://texasstormwatch.com/recurring-cycle-theory.html). The weather pattern has been cycling about 47-51 days apart. We are currently in the third cycle. The fact that both the model guidance AND the recurring cycle theory suggest another cold snap with the potential for Wintry Weather late this week/weekend means that it deserves to be monitored. Thereafter, temperatures will try to rebound again. As stated at the end of January, it is going to be a wild February with some big temperature swings. I will discuss more on the situation late next week in the upcoming days.

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