Weather Discussion #0364

10:40 AM CST | February 19, 2018

A few things I want to mention late this morning. First temperatures have already made it into the low-70*F's across North Central Texas and parts of Northwest/West Central Texas. With several more hours of heating, temperatures should make it into the mid-70*F's across North Central Texas despite mostly cloudy skies. Farther west, more sunshine will allow temperatures to make it into the low-80*F's in Northwest Texas. What does this mean?

It means that the possibility of the cap breaking late today for a couple surface-based storms has increased slightly for Northwest Texas. If anything does manage to punch through the cap, it could produce Quarter to Half Dollar-size Hail, Strong/Damaging Winds, and even an isolated Tornado. Storms are more likely to form around and after sunset in Southwest/West Central Texas. This activity will pose primarily a Hail/Wind Risk as it lifts northeast.

Widely scattered storms are possible anywhere in North Central Texas this afternoon. Activity developing across this area will probably be elevated. The strongest cells could produce small hail and gusty winds, but Severe Weather is not anticipated at this time.

Later this evening and overnight, activity moving northeast out of West Central Texas could pose a Hail/Wind threat in western North Texas, especially near/west of the I-35 corridor. Widespread Severe Weather is not anticipated through tonight, but there is the chance for folks in/near the Marginal Risk. Just keep an eye on the weather, and it would be a good idea to have your weather radio activated in case a warning is issued for your area later today or tonight.

Note, I will be posting periodic updates on the Facebook page into tonight, so be sure to check back.