A Look At The Upcoming Weather Changes In Late March

11:15 PM CST | March 13, 2018

As mentioned nearly two weeks ago, the weather pattern will become more conducive for cold snaps from late March through the first week of April. I also believe that the South Central Plains (Eastern Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, the Texas Panhandle, Northern Oklahoma, and Northern Arkansas) could see more Winter Weather as well. The potential for late season frosts and freezes will extend farther south. The first sign of this can be seen with the following graphic. The Climate Prediction Center believes the cold air will push farther south into the Plains March 19-23. This is when we will see the first signs of these changes.

Do not get me wrong. We will see some warm days in this stretch (with the possibility for Strong Storms), but there will be the potential for at least a couple decent cold snaps from late March through the first week of April. The first sign of these changes will begin around March 21st, which the model guidance and the CPC appear to be picking up. The weather around March 27th could be active as well for the Plains, Ozarks, and portions of the Mississippi Valley. Hopefully, the bulk of the cold air stays to our north with the growing season underway, but I just want to remind you that the state will be susceptible to a couple of cold snaps during this period.

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