Latest On Easter Cold Front

6:00 PM CST | March 31, 2018

As seen on the Facebook page moments ago:

"Confidence is increasing that the Easter cold front will make it well into North Central Texas by Monday morning. Most of the models have been too warm with the cold air to our north today. One of the few models which has a good handle on the progress of the cold air is the NAM. As you probably recall from yesterday's discussion, this model handles this kind of airmass better than most. It is also the one that brings the front as far south as Killeen/Temple by Monday morning. If this indeed verifies, the cold air will be slow to modify on Monday. Many North Texans would see highs in the 50°F's to low-60°F's. Other models are less aggressive with the front and warm temperatures quickly on Monday. Unfortunately for those wanting warm weather, this scenario is looking less likely now."