Weather Discussion #0388

6:45 PM CST | March 29, 2018

As seen on the Facebook page this morning shortly after 10:00 AM:

"Next cold front arrives in the state Saturday night-Sunday. This means parts of the state will likely be chilly Easter Morning. Right now, the model guidance shows 30*F's and 40*F's in the morning for the Texas Panhandle and parts of Northwest Texas. Most show the front becoming stationary along or just north of I-20 during later in the day with much warmer temperatures south of the boundary. We are still a few days away, though.

A few days ago, I wrote a post on why I believe we could see a chilly start to April. This is the first sign of these changes foreshadowed by the recurring cycle theory. Based on the early timing of this first cold front, I believe there is the potential for a stronger system and cold front to impact the region several days later. Again, this part of our weather pattern will leave the state susceptible to cold outbreaks for the first 7 to possibly 10 days of April. We will likely see some big temperature swings during this period."