Wet Weather Next Few Days

1:45 PM CST | March 26, 2018

Severe Storms are developing in Northwest Texas early this afternoon. This has prompted a Severe Thunderstorm Watch which is in effect until 9:00 PM for Northwest Texas and South Central Oklahoma. Very Large Hail to the size of Golf Balls and larger is the primary concern, followed by Damaging Winds. A brief Tornado cannot be ruled out, but the risk appears low. This is Round 1 that is getting underway. Round 2 will develop to the southwest after sunset.

Localized flooding is likely tonight and tomorrow where storms track repeatedly over the same areas. While initially severe, this evening's activity is expected to weaken late tonight as it gradually shifts eastward into North Texas. Tuesday's setup will be messier than today's. Shear will be supportive of organized storms, but the widespread clouds and rain could limit instability. Right now, the SPC has a Slight Risk for much of Central/Northeast Texas on Tuesday with a Marginal Risk surrounding it. This conditional risk of Severe Weather will be dependent on pockets of destabilization during the midday and afternoon hours. Another area of Strong to Severe Storms could develop later in the day across West Central/western North Texas. Again, it is conditional on how much instability can develop in the wake of earlier activity. In both areas, Large Hail and Damaging Winds will be the main concerns.

I plan on posting another discussion this evening regarding the a potentially chilly start to April. It is what we have been discussing for nearly a month now. The weather models seem to be finally catching onto this. If I have time, I will post another update on the blog by tonight. Be sure to check out the Facebook page for more updates!