Cool First Half Of April For Most Texans

8:30 PM CDT | April 16, 2018

It has been quite a month so far! It started with a strong cold front on Easter. Another strong cold front pushed through the state several days later. This one kept most of North Texas locked in the 30*F's into the afternoon before warming into the 40*F's. A light Wintry Mix and Freezing Drizzle fell across parts of the state during this time as well. It felt more like January and February than April at times. Despite rebounding back into the 70*F's, 80*F's, and even 90*F's after these fronts, it was not enough to offset the cold air. Take a look at these temperature departures from April 1st through April 15th. You can see that the cold just cuts right through the heart of the country.

What is even more incredible is to see some of the departures up in the Northern Plains. That part of the country has been more than 20*F BELOW normal since April 1st. You can see the county map for the region below. The chilliest air has been anchored across Oklahoma, the Eastern Texas Panhandle, and North Central Texas. The only part of the state that has been warm is far West Texas. Incredible for April! Check back here and on the Facebook page for updates!