Cooler Weather Behind This Morning's Rain

9:00 AM CDT | May 20, 2018

Showers and storms are pushing across the state right now. This activity began in Northwest Texas late yesterday and is currently impacting parts of North and Central Texas. Additional storms will likely develop near the remnant outflow later today. If you live farther south and east where rain has yet to fall, you still have at least some chance later today. The severe risk is low but not zero. The primary concern with any severe storm will be 60 MPH Winds and Quarter-size Hail. A brief spin-up cannot be ruled out, mainly with any storms interacting with outflow boundaries. Again, most will only see rain from this activity, not anything strong or severe.

Another plus is that many will not reach the 90*F's this afternoon. Check out the forecast highs from the National Weather Service. Highs around 70*F in the Texas Panhandle with mainly 80*F's across the heart of Texas. Only 90*F's today will be in the south and east. These areas will still be above normal, but most of the state will be around or even below normal today.

As mentioned earlier this month, we will have to keep an eye on the Northwest Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico for possible tropical development in late May. Conditions will gradually become more favorable for tropical development in this part of the Atlantic basin over the next several days. Check back here and on Facebook for the latest weather updates!