United States Sizzling This Month

2:30 PM CDT | May 28, 2018

BREAKING NEWS: Summer Is Back! Not to be outdone by a winter that brought some of the coldest temperatures in years, summer is off to a quick start. April felt more like March for much of the state, but May has felt more like June and July. Basically, we were robbed of April and May this year. This is a look at the temperature departures from May 1st through the 27th.

The northwest portion of the state is running 6-10*F+ above normal. The rest of the state is generally 2-6*F above normal so far this month. With no significant rainfall or cold intrusions through the 31st, expect these departures to continue in the wrong direction.

It is not just Texas that is sizzling in May. Most of the country has been warmer than normal. The worst of the heat has extended from Northwest Texas, through the Ozarks and Midwest, and into the Mid-Atlantic. For more on the state of our weather pattern right now, check out Saturday's blog post. As the National Weather Service recently said, once the hot, dry conditions get going, it is a tough loop to break. As always you can get the latest here and on the Facebook page. You can also subscribe to our free email notifications to be notified when there is a new update on the blog!