Update On Late May Weather Pattern

10:00 PM CDT | May 16, 2018

Looking ahead to the weather pattern in late May, the model guidance shows a large system moving into the Western US around May 24th or so. This is right in line with what we discussed at the start of the month. That said, here is where the forecast gets complicated.

In previous cycles, this trough of low pressure would continue eastward into the Central US. That is why I said that we should see a more active and wetter weather pattern return with the first signs around May 24th. Unfortunately, the tendency for lower pressure in the Southeast US could place the Southern Plains in an area of higher pressure and drier weather. We will have to see how things begin to unfold as we get closer. If that trough passes to our northwest, another disturbance could move into the Plains around June 1st. One final note is that we will have to keep an eye on the tropical weather, especially from the Northwest Caribbean into the Gulf of Mexico during late May.

...and that concludes today's weather round-up!

-As seen on the Facebook page this afternoon