Hurricane Florence Impacting North Carolina

10:20 AM CDT | September 14, 2018

Hurricane Florence is a Category 1 Hurricane with 80 mph winds as of this update. It is tracking near the coast of North Carolina and is expected to continue weakening. The biggest impacts over the next 48-72 hours will be storm surge and freshwater flooding from significant rainfall. It is not out of the question for southeastern parts of North Carolina to see up to 4 FEET of rainfall by Sunday morning. This is a significant event for that part of the country. In addition to wind, storm surge, and flooding, isolated Tornadoes are a possibility today and even tomorrow for the Carolinas.

According to, there are over 492,000 without power in North Carolina. Over 48,000 are without power in South Carolina. These numbers will unfortunately increase as the impacts from Hurricane Florence continue. Please keep the people who are being impacted by this storm in your thoughts and prayers.

Hurricane Florence Forecast Today September 14, 2018

For Texas, 95L will soon move inland and development is unlikely. It will bring increasing rain chances and even some localized flooding to parts of the state, though. Our attention will then turn to Isaac moving through the Caribbean. The National Hurricane Center indicates Tropical Depression Isaac will continue weakening and eventually dissipate by Tuesday morning. Isaac actually looks better on satellite this morning as shear has decreased near it. Convection has increased, and outflow has improved. More favorable conditions could develop in a few days as it moves into the Northwest Caribbean. I still believe we will have to watch for regeneration, despite nearly all of the models showing dissipation. For official weather information, visit the National Hurricane Center and National Weather Service websites.I will continue to update the blog, so check back for the latest updates!

Tropical Depression Isaac Satellite 2018