Monday Night Update On Hurricane Florence

11:30 PM CDT | September 10, 2018

I just wanted to write a quick update on Hurricane Florence tonight. This dangerous tropical system has strengthened to a Category 4 Hurricane with 140 mph winds. Hurricane-force winds extend roughly 40 miles away from the circulation, and tropical storm-force winds extend outward as much as 150 miles. To put this into perspective, the distance from the Red River to Waco is about 150 miles. Thus, impacts will be felt well away from its center.

Several states have already declared states of emergencies ahead of Florence. Life-threatening winds, storm surge, and rainfall are likely to impact parts of the East Coast later this week and weekend. The area at greatest risk for impacts extends from South Carolina into the Mid-Atlantic. Some more weather models are suggesting that Florence may slow down quite a bit as it approaches land on Thursday. A few even linger the hurricane just offshore for awhile. The current forecast from the National Hurricane Center shows a slower system late this week but still keeps it somewhat progressive. There is the potential for it to slow further as a ridge builds to the north. This would no doubt impact the forecast. If you live in or near the cone of uncertainty, pay close attention to this system. Refer to trusted weather sources such as the National Hurricane Center and National Weather Service. I will continue to post periodic updates on Hurricane Florence this week. Check the blog daily for the latest weather updates!