September Bringing Drought Relief

11:00 PM CDT | September 15, 2018

I am happy to announce that September has already put a big dent in our drought. Through 7:00 AM today, many parts of the state are running 4-8"+ above normal so far this month. This is an incredible turn around from just a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, the Texas Panhandle and parts of West Texas are still on the dry side. This is why these areas remain in a severe to exceptional drought (see second image). Many parts of North Central Texas, which had been battling a severe to extreme drought, are now in a mild to moderate drought.

Texas Rainfall Departures September 14, 2018 US Drought Monitor September 11, 2018

It is worth noting that the drought monitor was valid through September 11th and has not accounted for the rainfall brought by our tropical disturbance over the last couple of days. Expect the drought to shrink a bit more by next week's drought monitor. Drier conditions are expected by Monday as our disturbance fizzles out in Northern Mexico/Southwest Texas. Temperatures will rebound. Where temperatures get into the upper-80*F's and low-90*F's, VERY muggy conditions can be expected. Lastly, we have the remnants of Isaac to watch this next week.

Early Friday afternoon, I discussed that Tropical Depression Isaac looked healthier on satellite. It had more convection due to a brief decrease in shear. A few hours later, the National Hurricane Center investigated the system and discovered it had strengthened to a Tropical Storm again. Convection, however, decreased last night, and they stated that it had officially dissipated this morning. To recap, it went from Tropical Depression, to Tropical Storm, back to Tropical Depression, and then dissipated in less than 24 hours.

Nonetheless, the remnant circulation is still producing some storms in the Caribbean as it tracks west-northwest. It is also worth mentioning that they are still running the hurricane models on this feature. The guidance has it moving into the Northwest Caribbean during the Tuesday-Wednesday time-frame. They then move it into the Gulf of Mexico by Thursday night. I still believe it is worth watching as it could encounter more favorable conditions in the Northwest Caribbean/Gulf of Mexico next week. Check the blog daily for the latest updates!