Roller Coaster Ride With Temperatures Next Week

2:00 PM CST | February 10, 2019

Temperatures have been UP and DOWN this month. Just look at the roller coaster ride at DFW and Waco over the past week! We got off to a very warm start which then came crashing down a few days ago. Temperatures moderate tonight and tomorrow as southerly flow strengthens in advance of our next system. For many in North Central Texas, it will be warmer at daybreak than it is right now. Temperatures cool some on Tuesday in the wake of the system, but thankfully, it will be a dry day. The nicest day this upcoming week will be Valentine's Day with widespread 70*F's. Then we come right back down... and the roller coaster ride continues.

Temperature Roller Coaster Ride For North Central Texas

The Climate Prediction Center is predicting a big cold snap across much of the United States after Valentine's Day. Look at the Day 6-10 Temperature Outlook below. This is valid February 16-20th. Their forecast aligns well with what we have been discussing for 10 days now. On Friday, I mentioned that, "...bigger changes will most likely begin to occur in the February 16-20th period." This was regarding the shift toward a colder and wetter pattern again.

CPC Day 6-10 Temperature Outlook Issued February 10, 2019

The latest monthly temperature departures from the High Plains Regional Climate Center shows how frigid weather has dominated the Northern Plains. This trend will continue in that part of the country for the foreseeable future as more cold air spills southward out of Canada. Despite the recent cold, monthly temperature departures across Texas remain above seasonal norms. That is what happens when you see a string of 70*F and 80*F days early in the month. These anomalies will be trending downward, though. For more information on the upcoming changes, you can refer to Friday's post here.

We will have a lot to discuss in the days ahead. I will be able to break down the forecast and get more specific a few days from now. For the latest local weather information for your area, please visit the National Weather Service website. You can also find us on Facebook.

HPRCC Monthly Temperature Departures Through February 9, 2019