It's Greening Up In North Texas

10:00 PM CDT | April 8, 2019

North Texas is springing back to life this month. There has been a noticeable "greening up" across the area, as we have experienced some warm days and a bit of rainfall. The big winners with the last system were Central and Eastern Texas, which saw widespread amounts of 1.00 to 2.00" with locally heavier amounts in excess of 4.00". Nonetheless, most North Texans have received at least some rain this month. I went walking at Eagle Mountain Park on my birthday this weekend. I enjoy taking pictures of anything and everything related to weather or nature. Here are a couple of the shots I took after it stopped raining.

Wooded Park Trail At Eagle Mountain Lake Moss Covered Trees At Eagle Mountain Lake

As I began to leave the park, I saw a cool bus in the parking lot. I could tell it had been retrofitted "eco-style", so I had to check it out. On the bus, it had the words "Sweet Sweet Bus Life" on it. I searched it and found that a family took this retired bus, totally redesigned it, and now travel across the country in it. It has solar panels installed on the roof, and a bunch of other cool things. I know it's completely unrelated to weather, but I had to mention it. I mean talk about being creative! :)

Sweet Sweet Bus Life At Eagle Mountain Lake

On the weather front, our next system will impact the Plains Wednesday-Thursday. Normally, the setup would favor some severe weather; however, deep gulf moisture is already being pushed back toward the south behind yesterday's system. When the next system begins to affect the state late Wednesday, dew points are likely to be in the 50*F's. This, combined with the cap being advertised by the model guidance, suggests that storm development is unlikely. Another system will follow and impact the region over the weekend. This one looks wetter. It is also likely to usher some cooler air into the state. We should have a better idea of what to expect by Thursday.

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