Destructive Tornado Strikes South Of Lubbock, Near Tahoka

9:25 PM CDT | May 5, 2019

A supercell south of Lubbock produced a significant tornado late this afternoon. The National Weather Service in Lubbock has issued multiple warnings for this storm. There are numerous pictures and video footage of the wedge tornado that this storm produced earlier today. I have attached some links below. Before you get to those, however, check out the radar reflectivity and velocity loops. They show the conditions before the storms formed through the time of this post. Pay close attention to the couplet on the velocity loop. You can see the bright red and green couplet spinning toward the southeast, but then it slows and takes a westward turn before weakening. Shortly after, the rotation increases once again farther to the south-southeast. The supercell was cycling as this was occurring. Thankfully, no injuries have been reported from the touchdowns late this afternoon and earlier this evening.

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Radar Reflectivity Loop Of Tornadic Supercell - May 5, 2019 Radar Velocity Loop Of Tornadic Supercell - May 5, 2019