Texas Storm Watch


Texas Storm Watch was founded in February of 2014. What originally started as a Facebook page with a few hundred LIKES has grown into one of Texas' most visited and trusted weather blogs. Thousands of Texans follow us to get insight into upcoming weather events. What separates us from others is our method of predicting the weather. In addition to the usual tools such as forecast models, Texas Storm Watch utilizes what is called the "recurring cycle theory". Click here for more on the recurring cycle theory. In short, it allows us to know when certain features in our atmosphere will come into play. This means we know when to watch for possible weather-makers in the Southern Plains. The conditions leading to events like the December 26, 2015 North Texas Tornado Outbreak and Hurricane Harvey had been discussed days and even weeks before the models began to pick up on them.

The goal of Texas Storm Watch is to make sure others are aware of potentially hazardous weather well before it happens. We further this goal by providing updates on the blog and Facebook pages. Each weather update (1) looks at what is happening with our weather pattern, (2) discusses what certain indicators suggest in the days ahead, and (3) states what we need to monitor in the days ahead.

Thank you for checking out Texas Storm Watch. We hope to see you soon on our Facebook page!

Sincerely, Wesley - fellow weather enthusiast and founder of Texas Storm Watch