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Privacy Policy

Texas Storm Watch does not collect any personally identifiable information from its visitors. Any personally identifiable information provided to Texas Storm Watch by you will only be used for its intended purpose. An example would be email notifications or email inquiry- which would contain/use a person's name and email address. The information provided would only be used for its original purpose and/or to respond to that person. The weather information on the website and related pages are provided "as-is" and should be treated as a supplemental weather source. ALWAYS refer to an official source, preferably the National Weather Service, when in a life-threatening situation. Texas Storm Watch and any associated persons cannot be held liable for any damages.

If you have a question regarding our email notifications, please send any question or comment to notifications@texasstormwatch.com. If you would like to stop receiving email notifications, reply to the message or send an email to the above email address with a request to stop receiving notifications. Your name and email address will be removed.